Dome-CameraCameras can help deter crime and provide evidence for the authorities Closed-circuit television CCTV) is the use of video cameras to transmit a signal to a specific place, on a limited set of monitors. CCTV applications enhance commercial and residential security. They serve to deter and solve crimes when installed inside retail, commercial and office environments, Assaults, shoplifting, employee theft may be avoided or documented, Placements in external perimeter locations or other publicly accessed common areas prove vital in enhancing safety by lessening risk of assault/ or theft.  Open observation in common areas through placement in garages, parking lots, stairwells, staircases as well as elevators may also create an opportunity to help speed first responders to your location in the event of any mishap or misdeed.

These systems may be employed in residences to provide a recording of contractor activity including observation of housekeepers, nannies or babysitters. The capacity for real time viewing from your smart phone, tablet device, laptop or PC also addresses a significant concern. CCTV may also be integrated with security systems, offering the ability to monitor while away and promptly address common problems such as loss of power and environmental risks stemming from storms or mechanical failures including damage to a building from water, smoke or fire.

Type of cameras:

  • Nanny Cams 
  • Smoke Detector Hidden Cameras 
  • Alarm Clock Hidden Camera 
  • AC Adapter Hidden Camera 
  • LowLight Night Vision Alarm Clock Cam 
  • Outlet Cameras 
  • Speakers Cameras 
  • Carbon Monoxide Detector Hidden Cameras 
  • Wall Clock Cameras 
  • Light Switch Hidden Cameras 
  • Wireless Hidden Book Cameras 
  • Tissue Box Cameras 
  • TeddyCam Hidden Cameras 
  • Wireless Plant Cameras 
  • Hidden Camera Speakers 
  • Hidden Camera Lamp 
  • Pinhole Cameras 
  • PTZ Cameras 
  • Exit Signs Cameras 
  • Wall Cameras 
  • PIR Cameras 
  • Surface Mount Cameras 
  • Dome Cameras 
  • Ball Cameras 

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ADL provides full service consultation, design and installation of closed circuit television and electronic locking systems. These systems are used to provide premises, entry, exit and adjacent area monitoring which will enhance security and provide protection against vandalism, theft and burglary in both residential and commercial settings. We offer a broad range of products.

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