System Integration & Design

Designing systems to meet your needs

A good design starts with a thorough understanding of your business needs and objectives. Requirements gathering, systems analysis and business / data modeling are all important steps in designing a system that is fit for purpose and meets all performance specifications.

Our experienced business analysts will work with you to perform a comprehensive requirements analysis and design a scalable solution to meet or exceed your business needs.

Systems integration and testing

Whether you're upgrading an existing system or implementing a new one, successful integration with your enterprise infrastructure will minimize or eliminate service disruptions and downtime. With our background in quality assurance, test case scenarios and load testing, we can help you achieve a successful implementation while ensuring the rest of your organization continues to operate at it's optimum performance levels.

Integrated systems design by developing solutions which utilize the latest technologies like messaging and Service oriented Architecture, are core competencies of our consultants. Our team has the experience and talent to successfully design and implement a system integration solution for your organization as well. Our capabilities:

  • Requirements gathering
  • Systems analysis
  • Business modeling
  • Data modeling
  • Test case scenarios
  • Integration testing
  • User training and support

About ADL

ADL provides full service consultation, design and installation of closed circuit television and electronic locking systems. These systems are used to provide premises, entry, exit and adjacent area monitoring which will enhance security and provide protection against vandalism, theft and burglary in both residential and commercial settings. We offer a broad range of products.

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